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For 2016, Patek Philippe released the new 5930 series starting with the white gold 5930G, a world time chronograph and a rare occasion for us to see arguably two of the most useful complications for mechanical watches in alluring combination. The Patek Philippe 5930G world time chronograph is further an attractive piece, but does all this translate into a winner for the famous brand? Despite its $70,000-plus price tag, we can say that the new Patek Philippe 5930 is a watch that will actually get some wear-time on the wrists of globe-trotting Patek collectors, so to answer that question, we'll have to look at this piece's actual usability – yes, that. For history buffs it is worth noting that the 5930, as well as other modern Patek Philippe replica sale are inspired by a 1940 Patek Philippe world timer watch.

It’s worth starting by saying that as a frequent international traveler (more than 6 trips around the world in the past year alone), I have first-hand experience using a world timer watch. However, for economic reasons, mine is not made by Patek Philippe, but offers the same basic functionality that all true world time watches offer: the ability to read the time around the world at a glance. For anyone traveling and/or working with international teams, the world time watch is quite possibly more useful, more convenient, and faster to use than any electronic device at hand, let that be a smartphone or even smartwatch. At 39.5mm wide, the new world timer Patek Philippe 5930G (5930) is a hair larger than the brand's other world time watches, and also thicker at just under 12mm. The execution of the white gold case is top-notch, with all corners polished and chamfered helping the Patek Philippe 5930 watch sit firmly on wrist, while remaining as classic and timeless as replica Patek Philippe sale are known for.

The Patek Philippe 5930G is currently only offered in 18k white gold with a blue dial, paired to a matching blue alligator strap. The inner part of the dial has a beautiful, hand-applied guilloché pattern that calls for attention while balancing the rest of the dial, which is busier than most other fake Patek Philippe sale from the brand, with four rings of information. First is the 24-hour rotating ring that is divided into light and a dark sections indicating night and day, followed by the chapter ring for the chronograph seconds hand – no numerals here, a compromise that keeps the dial a bit more clean but also makes reading the exact time at a glance a bit more difficult – and finally, at the periphery is the two-tier city ring. This, like the one on the 5230, is updated to represent new international cities, all written out in a not particularly interesting, all-caps font.